Corporate organization

Vimeksim continues to grow and support the progression of Europe and the former USSR countries. Vimeksim has over hundred employees in 10 countries who are committed to feeding the world in a responsible way…

Why us?

Vimeksim core mission is
global supply of grains and oilseeds.
For every need, we put our best efforts
to provide efficiently. Vimeksim commits
to changing the way you look at agribusiness.
Our committed, passionate and devoted team is open to
developing new projects and ensuring the very best.

Vimeksim product offers

Milling wheat, Feed wheat,
Feed corn, Rape seeds,
Barley, Soya beans,
Flaxseeds, Coriander,
Line seeds, Millet,
Peas, Sorghum

We are organisation that works together in creating healthy enviroment.

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Agriculture is the most healthfull, most usefull and most noble employment of man.

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Raise farmer's income, ensure food security, promote health and wealth.

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We gather the harvest but farmer plant the seed

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Let The Numbers Speak

1000000Tons of product
25000Acres of land

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